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SNBB Gear Swimbait Weight Screw

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    There are lots of ways to add weight to soft plastic swimbaits (Bull Dawgs, Medussas, TrueGlide Komodos, Wolf Creek Shads, etc) for casting or trolling shallower water.  But, what if you want to jerk-troll some of these monster swimbaits deeper, precision troll a weed edge or just troll them faster and keep them down?  Simply grab a Swimbait Weight Screw and screw on a little weight or even up to a 16oz Mini Cannonball Weight and screw it into the belly of your favorite soft plastic.  This is not recommended for casting as the force of casting will rip a heavy weight out of the soft plastic but works really well for trolling presentations.  Also works great for vertical jigging large soft plastic swimbaits.  Weights not included.  Hand made out of .045 bright finish stainless steel wire so they may vary slightly.

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