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SNBB Gear Cow-Troller

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    A great accessory for adding weight for more depth or to gather floating weeds before they end up on your bait!  Traditional rigging is to tie or clip a snap on the ring formed in the wire, attach a 130# 36" fluorocarbon trolling leader on the big Stay-Lok snap and either a Mini Cannonball Weight or a big treble hook with the barbs/points cut off (the hook is for gathering floating weeds as they slide down your line) on the smaller Stay-Lok snap.  If you happen to wedge a weight in a rock you should be able to straighten the small Stay-Lok out.  You will lose your weight and wreck the snap but at least you should get your bait back.  This type of rigging works great for trolling bucktails (like Cowgirls), all crankbaits, big rubber swimbaits and some jerkbaits that have a 'swing' when trolled.  

    The alternate way to rig is to attach your leader to the ring formed in the wire and attach your bait directly to the big Stay-Lok snap and then adding a Mini Cannonball Weight to the smaller Stay-Lok.  This type of rig allows you a lot more vertical movement when 'jigging' your rod while trolling and works best with large bucktails and rubber swimbaits.  You may have to add a split ring to the front of some swimbaits so everything lines up properly.


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